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Salt Prices (January 2018)

Please contact us for larger quantities.

Prices include delivery and VAT. The price you see is the price you pay

Salt Tablets 25kg 1 Bag£10.50
2>4 Bags£8.95 each
 5>9 Bags£7.90 each
 10+ Bags£7.65 each
Salt Tablets 10kg1 Bag£5.50 each
 2>9 Bags£5.00 each
 10>19 Bags£4.50 each
 20+ Bags£4.25 each
Block Salt 2 x 4kg5 Packs£5.45 each
 10+ Packs£4.45 each
De-Icing Salt 25kg1 Bag£8.50 each
Dishwasher Salt 10kg1>5 Bags£4.50 each
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